Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pros and Cons of Reality TV

Reality TV consists of many shows ranging from The Swan to American Idol.
There are many Pros of these shows for example with Identity change situations like The Swan, 10 Years Younger and What not to Wear the people are found with new looks and thus they are happy and confident with themselves, with their bodies and styles. In these situations there are also some Cons including the fact that the person and their personal style is taken away. They portrey certain hidden messages including;
- You need to look a certain way to fit in and be happy
- If you're not comfortable with yourself come to us and we'll make you feel like you are
- Materialistic consumerism
Once these hidden messages are portreyed then stereotypes start building. Stereotypes including;
- You have to be be pretty or you won't be liked
- You have to fit a certain mold in our society
- You're not happy unless you're pretty
These hidden messages can be harmful to mostly women and especially young girls who are watching they will grow up thinking they ahve to be pretty and thin and look a certain way and that is how things such as eating disorders start to develop.

One major Con of a certain kind of reality TV is that poeple can benefit and be aided in shows like Extreme Makeover Home Edition, people who have had a tragic incident in their family or life get their house, that is falling apart or not big enough, rebuilt and remodeled. The Con of a show like this is the poeple always end up with these massive. gorgeous houses that they don't have the money to maintain.

Some general Cons of Reality TV are that people get a false sense of who they are and what they can do. And they get a false sense of reality. Most people that part-take in reality television are attention seekers who wish to just be seen on TV and would follow along with anything that is said or done.

I think if I were to pursue a reality television show I would go with a talent show like American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance, because those don't have hidden messages that tell people they can't be happy the way they are, these shows simply showcase the talents that people have and let them be known for what they are good at.

In general I do not recommend reality television because there is no show that is completly 100% reality all of them have some pieces of script or the people who are being filmed are asked to do something differently to make the show more interesting. On shows like SYTYCD and American Idol votes can be screened and rigged and also the shows aren't actually live. The shows are filmed earlier in the day and then aired at airing time.

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